The Friends Silent Auction is divided into three parts. An OLD AND RARE BOOKS auction consists of 2 books on the upper shelf of the rack against the wall. It remains open for bidding for two weeks. PROFESSOR PARSONS’ PICKS is a selection of 6 or more books on the second shelf picked by Professor Ted Parsons that he thinks will be of particular interest to readers, the REGULAR AUCTION which consists of about 50 books on the table and on the two racks. Bidding remains open for one week. The bidding is in whole dollars and ends on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. At that time there can be a bid-off between competing bidders.

You will be notified by phone if you are the highest bidder. Books may be paid for and picked up at the close of the auction (1:00 p.m. on Tuesday) OR at the Friends Bookstore in the basement of the library after 2:30 p.m. on the Tuesday of the ending of the auction.

If books are not picked up within TWO WEEKS, they will go to the second highest bidder.

The next bag sale will take place on November 1, 2014


Two to Four OLD and/or RARE books or sets of books are offered on the top shelf of the stand against the wall at the auction. Bidding begins at 1 pm October 14, 2014 on these books will remain open for TWO WEEKS (until October 28, 2014) . Only facsimiles of pages and cover are there. Please go to the bookstore to examine the books.

  • Old Man and the Sea (Min. Bid $20)
  • Diary of a Young Girl (Min. Bid $30)
  • Farm Ballads (Min. Bid $25)


  • A Happy Day (Min Bis $7)
  • A Soldier’s Trial (Min. Bid $9)
  • Host with a Big Hat (Min Bid $15)
  • My Resolutions Buster Brown (Min. Bid $15)
  • The Beautiful Life Of Queen Victoria (Min. Bid $15)
  • The House of Mirth (Min. Bid $8)


The regular silent auction will be up for bid for ONE WEEK and this one begins on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 1pm and continues until 1pm on Tuesday, October 21, 2014. About fifty books are as listed below are displayed in the Main Library for the Silent Auction,

  • 12 Books: Harry Potter Novels and Books about Him
  • 15 VCR Disney Stories Tapes
  • 17 Comic Books
  • 2 Books: Roosevelt and Roosevelt’s Secret War
  • 2 Books: Sean Connery Films & James Bond Films
  • 2 CDs: The Irish Tenors
  • 2 Items: Spooky Game + Horror CD
  • 2 Sets of Super Mario Brothers Games
  • 2 Vol. : A Potted History of Fruit & of Vegetables
  • 2 Volumes: Kipling’s Stories and Poems
  • 3 Bible Books: Judas, Before Jesus, & Beyond Belief
  • 3 Books: Bee in Me: Squeak, Squeak, & !0 Coloring Book
  • 3 Books: Josephine B., Passion and Woe, & Great Dance
  • 3 California Style Cookbooks
  • 3 Cookbooks of Appetizers and Hors’dOuevres
  • 3 Volumes: First Crusade, Kingdom of Acre, & Jerusalem
  • 4 Books on Golf
  • 4 Books on Women’s Fitness
  • 4 Johnny Cash CDs
  • 4 Volumes: Mysteries of the Unknown
  • 4 Volumes: Mysteries of the Unknown
  • 4 Volumes: Mysteries of the Unknown
  • 5 Children’s Books: A to Z, My First ABC, Etc.
  • 5 Volumes: A Child’s First Library of Learning
  • Trick or Treat
  • Voltaire’s Bastards
  • 50 Copies of Railfan and Railroads
  • 6 Dear America Volumes
  • 6 Our Gang and Little Rascals VCR Tapes
  • 7 Volumes: Land and Peoples
  • A Complete Set (5) of Stephenie Mayer Novels
  • A Crack in the Edge of the World
  • Americas Glorious Quilts
  • Big Bang
  • Black Beauty
  • Broadway Musicals
  • Currier & Ives America
  • Fiasco
  • Japanese Inn
  • Lemony Snicket: 5 Volumes: A Serious of Unknown Events
  • Mayday
  • Nelson’s Navy
  • The End of Victory Culture
  • The First Night: Gilbert & Sullivan
  • The Great Fire of London
  • The Tao of Equus
  • Treasures of the Bible