The Friends Silent Auction is divided into three parts. An OLD AND RARE BOOKS auction consists of 2 books on the upper shelf of the rack against the wall. It remains open for bidding for two weeks. PROFESSOR PARSONS’ PICKS is a selection of 6 or more books on the second shelf picked by Professor Ted Parsons that he thinks will be of particular interest to readers, and the REGULAR AUCTION which consists of about 50 books on the table and on the two racks. Bidding remains open for one week. The bidding is in whole dollars and ends on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. At that time there can be a bid-off between competing bidders.

You will be notified by phone if you are the highest bidder. Books may be paid for and picked up at the close of the auction (1:00 p.m. on Tuesday) OR at the Friends Bookstore in the basement of the library after 2:30 p.m. on the Tuesday of the ending of the auction.

If books are not picked up nomrally within TWO WEEKS they will go to the second highest bidder.

The next bag sale will take place in June 6, 2015.


Two to Four OLD and/or RARE books or sets of books are offered on the top shelf of the stand against the wall at the auction. Bidding begins at 1 pm May 19, 2015 on these books will remain open for until June 2, 2015. Only facsimiles of pages and cover are there. Please go to the bookstore to examine the books.

  • Peter Pan: The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (Min. Bid $60)
  • The History of San Bernardino Country (Min. Bid $8)


The Professsor’s Picks are open only one week, the same as the regular auction

  • A Children of the New Forest (Min Bid $10)
  • SHitty-Her First 100 years (Min. Bid $7)
  • Smith’s Gazelle (Min Bid $8)
  • The Mail Carrier(Min. Bid $8)
  • Tom Brown’s School Days (Min. Bid $10)
  • TTwo Little Confederates (Min. Bid $12)


The regular silent auction will be up for bid for ONE WEEK and this one begins on Tuesday, May 126, 2015 at 1pm and continues until 1PM, TUESDAY, June 2, 2015 . About fort-two books are as listed below are displayed in the Main Library for the Silent Auction,

  • 12 CD sets of Peronal Power II: The Driving Force
  • 12 Gen 13 Comic Books
  • 12 Vocal CDs
  • 14 Green Hornet Comic Books
  • 2 Books: Plunges into History & Plunges Again
  • 2 Books on Decorating
  • 2 Books on Hollywod: Gangsters & 40 Years
  • 2 Books: Friar’s Jokes & Shakespeare’s Insults
  • 2 Books: Jack Nicklaus & 100% Golf
  • 20 Volumes: The Pocket University
  • 25 Magazines s& 1 Book on Geneology
  • 28 Book: Lincoln Civil War Lot
  • 3 Books about the New York Times
  • 3 Books on Hummers and Western Birds
  • 3 Books on Riding and Horses
  • 3 Books on Ronald Reagan
  • 3 John LeCarre Novels in One Book: Spy, Town. Lookinglass
  • 3 Willa Cathers: Death Comes to the Archbishop, Shadows on a Rock, and Lost Lacy
  • 35 Children’s Books
  • 4 Breakfast/Bruch Cookbooks
  • 4 Get Fuzzy Graphic Novels
  • 5 Books on Outdoor Life
  • 5 James Herriott Books
  • 6 Books on the British Royals
  • 9 Kit and Molly Books
  • 9 Pops Orchestra CDs
  • A Bible and 2 other books on the Bible
  • ABCs of the Human Body
  • Bill Gates: The Road Ahead
  • Book_Name
  • Dr. Seuss: 5 Books and 4 VCR Tapes
  • Guitar for Dummies (Plus CD)
  • Instant French: Euro Method
  • John Wayne Cliff Hanger DVD Set
  • Profiles in Courage: The Illustrated Edition
  • Seasons 1 & 2 of Will and Grace on DVD
  • The Dangeous Book for Girls & Pocket Daring Book for Girls
  • The Devil Wears Prada on CD
  • The Great Courses: Change and Motion
  • The Host
  • The Man Who Loved China
  • Then Dangerous Book for Boys
  • Tyrone Power Collection on DVD